Best Freelancing Podcasts

Podcasts rule! And if you’re seriously considering freelancing as a career then the glorious multi-tasking, osmosis-producing, white-noise blocking properties of podcasts are going to be music to your ears. They’ll keep you updated on the latest trends, plug you into industry professionals, broaden your knowledge and inspire you to achieve your goals.

You can listen on the go or tune in while researching a related subject as it doubles down on the upskilling and solidifies the content. Now that’s a lifehack!

Freelancing Podcast Topics

We’re spoiled for choice, so if you don’t even know where to begin on your freelance journey, simply read the topics included in a freelance podcast forum. These people know what they’re talking about, they have curated specific subject matter and they are conversing with experts in the field, so before you’ve even pressed play you have a pertinent selection of topics with which to educate yourself and create a plan tailored to you.

My podjam right now is RJ McCollom, who hosts The Freelance Podcast. He’s relatable, has several miles under his freelance belt and is generous with the tips, trends and trade secrets. But there are so many good ones to choose from and there is always a nugget of wisdom to mine from each, as you will discover.

Popular Freelance Podcasts

These are some of the best freelance podcasts to wrap your ears around, with curated suggestions that cover various aspects of freelancing, but don’t limit yourself, explore their libraries and remember to “Search Your Engines” to drill down on the topics that interest you.

The Freelance Podcast:  
Getting Your Foot In the Door

Clients From Hell:
The future of freelance is freelance, but will that future work for freelancers?

Accidental Creative:
Finding Your Sweet Spot

Being Boss: How To Get Better At What You Do

Airtasker: The Stage Of The Gig economy

Freelance Transformation: 
What Do Companies Look For In Freelancers?

The Fizzle Show: Freelancing Success with Preston Lee from

Problogger: How One Blogger Grew His Traffic Tenfold Without Producing New Content

Unemployable: The Essential Project Management Tools For Freelancers

Thaducation: Liberating Freelancers and Reinvigorating Local Communities with Ben Carew of WeCoffee.lo

Industry Specific Freelance Podcasts

Traditionally freelancing caters to skills such as writing, graphic and web design, photography, illustration, marketing consultants, web and mobile development, transcription and virtual assistants. This is not a definitive list by any means, if you can monetize your skill you can freelance, but these are the most established job sectors, with a list of suggested podcasts.

Podcasts Fit Your Life

Podcasts are like programming your own radio station and with a vast range of niche subjects on offer (many free to listen to) there is no reason why you can’t be entertained and educated on freelancing right now. You can listen to them on demand, on the move and on the topic that interests you. They fit in with you, so click Play now.

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