5 tools AI-based that will change your freelancing career

AI writing tools

Gone are the days when artificial intelligence was considered science fiction. Nowadays, AI robots have taken control over everything from AI gals we are using in our daily routines, such as Siri and Cortana, to AI tools that have made our jobs easier.

These tools turn out to be useful when it comes to major repetitive tasks that require human’s precious time, knowledge, and intelligence. These robots give impeccable results that nobody can recognise as robotic at first glance.

If you are a freelancer, you must be worried that these bots and robots will replace your expertise, right?

It is not true. With massive advancements in robotic technology, freelancers now fear losing their jobs, which is not justifiable in the case when your employer or client prefers humanly written perfect work over low-quality bulk.

On the other hand, there have been so many research papers, articles, and news available on the internet that claims artificial machines are just as good as human intelligence.

All you need to do is explore the ways to use them properly to take your business or skills up to the next level.

Saying that AI is just great as long as we use it to help flourish the civilisation and manage the time and labour-taking tasks to stay ahead in the ever-digitalised world.

So, worry not; as a freelancer, you must use this technology as a mentor to take off your skills, build up your career, and of course, save time and effort.

Currently, there are a lot of AI tools available to assist you in your freelance career, but choosing the right one is tricky.

We have compiled a list of the best AI tools to make the most out of your work and boost productivity.

So Let’s get started!

1. Copy ai

Free or $49/month

First on the list of best AI tools for freelancers is Copy AI. Released in 2020, this artificial intelligence text generator has quickly gained a strong following. To aid you with your content requirements, it leverages the GPT-3 AI language model to generate fresh, original copy in a flash, whether it's for digital advertisements, blog articles, or product descriptions.

The UI is quite straightforward, clean, and modern.
Easy-to-use Google Chrome Extension for streamlining your daily tasks.
Multi-language support for a wide range of languages such as English and a number of other languages.
Offers a variety of copywriting services, including digital ad copy, social media posts, website copy, e-commerce copy, blog content, and sales copy.

2. Futurenda

Free or $55/month

To stay on top of all their tasks and fulfill all their deadlines, freelancers often take on many projects at once.

Furthermore, if they are working on an hourly basis, time is precious, and spending it on pointless tasks is futile. This is where artificial intelligence (A.I.) comes in.

Futurenda is an artificial intelligence (AI) calendar that organises work by splitting them into sessions and then adding them to the schedule.

Automatically! If you're looking for an app that will take care of your schedule for you so you can focus on your work, Futurenda is your best bet.

This program is capable of monitoring deadlines and making adjustments to the agenda as necessary. Why not ask Siri to download this app already.

Stay on track with this automated agenda that is based on your upcoming chores, meetings, and deadlines!
The best way to assess productivity is to keep track of where your time goes.
To ensure that you fulfill all of your deadlines, tasks are automatically prioritised for you.
You may use Futurenda with your old calendars!
Organise your schedule wherever you are, on whichever device you choose.

3. Check-plagiarism

Free or $20/month

Creating unique and standing-out content is one of the most important jobs that are well known among freelance writers.

In addition, freelance writers are constantly striving for ways that will assist them in getting legit or plagiarism-free material.

Freelance writers often face terrible competition for this particular job position. No one will hire a freelance writer that does not know the basic ingredients of content writing and commit plagiarism in their writing again and again.

If this is the case with you, taking help from an AI plagiarism checker is a no-brainer.

Check-plagiarism is a free-to-use duplication checker that reviews your work by comparing it with millions of online sources and displays the results in the form of a percentage of uniqueness and plagiarised material.

It not only ensures the quality work but also its results are enough to satisfy your clients with your expertise. You can also generate the plagiarism report and send it to your clients as proof.

Checks 2000 words for plagiarism in one spin.
It is an absolutely free-of-charge service that does not ask for any sign-up and registration.
Displays the matched sources.
The percentage of results makes the results easy to understand.
Shows the keyword density.
Faster processing.

4. CopySmith

Free, $19 or $59/month

The major reason behind the popularity of CopySmith is that Jasmin Wang launched it to assist herself in generating copy for her e-commerce site.

Currently, this AI copywriter tool is driven by GTP-3 and can be equally utilised by marketers as well as content writers.

In addition, this AI-powered copywriting tool is loaded with a wide variety of functionalities, including writing taglines, SEO metatags, content rewriting, weblogs, and more.

The user interface is simple and intuitive.
Use this utility from any online web page with the help of this Chrome Extension.
Different SEO metatag and ad layouts for Google AdWords, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.
It's a blog generator service that may help you create introductions, structure your posts, and much more.
Currently limited to processing the English language only.

5. Prepostseo


Everyone knows the importance of SEO tools and how they can assist in taking your freelance experience up to new heights.

When used correctly in a timely manner, SEO tools can help you get your work to go viral.

This is where you can take advantage of AI tools. To be more precise, we recommend you to try out Prepostseo, a free-to-use website that offers plenty of AI tools under one umbrella.

So, whether you are freelancing as an SEO expert, writing assistant, google ads planner, or web marketer, Prepostseo comes with 99+ tools for you to change your freelance career.

The top-rated freelance platforms are flooded with multi-talented freelancers; therefore, having such platform access will definitely help you to compete with them.

Prepostseo has a lot of free online tools. Among them, we are mentioning the features of its best AI tools.
When you check a live feed of your WordPress article, you can see the SEO status of that content.
Inspect all of the links (anchor tags) in your content to see whether any of them are active or broken.
By its broken link checker.
Comparing every line of your article against the millions of other posts on the internet by its plagiarism checker.
Evaluate your post's keyword density by using its keyword density checker.
Check for spelling and punctuation issues, as well as flaws in your writing style and tone by its grammar checker.
Check the post’s SEO score, and you are given advice on how to improve it by its website SEO score checker.


A freelance writer may have a variety of opportunities to generate money in this era of digital technology, but if you want to be successful in the field, you must not leave any loose balls that allow your competitors to take over your skills.

Having said that, make sure to always improve your skills and find new ways to leverage new technologies. We have high hopes that our compiled list of 5 AI writing tools will give you an edge over the market.

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